WP-Cache and GoDaddy Hosting

I have several blogs hosted on GoDaddy servers.

If your WordPress blog is hosted on GoDaddy hosting, do not use the WP-Cache plugin or your site will intermittently produce Error 500 (Internal Server Error). I can’t spot the error even when I enable the error logs – there seems to be none!

I’ve heard similar complaints from other GoDaddy hosting users. One thing I am sure about is that the problem is not because of the combination of WP-Cache and WordPress 2.1.3 as I have blogs hosted elsewhere that works fine with this combination.

I guess I will have to dig deeper… when I can find the time! Anyway the server speed and stability so far is good without WP-Cache – which is what we want to achieve by caching the pages. Hopefully the blogs do not overload the server anytime soon.


7 thoughts on “WP-Cache and GoDaddy Hosting”

  1. Well Azrin, GoDaddy have the best control over their services and most importantly flawless self-service modules. A small glitch like this does not bother me that much. 🙂

  2. I haven’t gotten to the bottom of it yet, but it appears as though the site is hosted in file server put served through multiple web servers. I believe the issue is occurring due to the md5 encryption of the URI in the cache file name. One server will encrypt the name correctly, and the other won’t.

    I’ve been trying to replace the md5 usage with some other kind of manual encoding but I’ve not gotten it working yet. Perhaps you can have some luck!

  3. Yeah, I suspect they have an internal file serving mechanism as well… but I am too busy even to look at WP-Cache source code. Will look into it when I have the chance 🙂 Thanks Douglas for visiting.

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