Imation Disk Manager II

A funny story. I just bought myself a 4GB flash drive to substitute my old 128MB Imation flash drive. So I was trying to format the Imation drive when I found a big loophole to the software.

The Imation flash drive comes with a firmware that automatically creates an executable to run the Imation Disk Manager II software. You can make the whole disk public, separate the disk to 2 partitions (public & secured), and the whole disk secured.


For the secure partition you’ll need to run the software and enter a password if you want to access the files in it. I am not in the hacking business so I have no idea how secure it actually is. But this is another story, not about the secure partition.

After I have copied the files to the new location, I simply execute the software and it let me reformat the entire disk without asking for a password. Easy, but dangerous. If the drive falls into the hands of somebody clueless (say your 4 year old brother) or someone with bad intentions, you can say goodbye to your data 😉


I was actually looking for looking for the Imation Swivel Pro flash drive but no shop in Low Yat have the 4GB version. They only have the 2GB version. I surely don’t think that the Imation Clip Flash Drive is available over there!

In the end I got myself a Sandisk Cruzer Micro 4GB drive which is a U3 compatible drive. Now I have Portable Apps and U3 in one drive 🙂


4 thoughts on “Imation Disk Manager II”

  1. 1GB is good enough, it’s just that the price per GB always drop when the capacity is bigger and since it’s not too expensive I just grab the largest I can have!

  2. My Imation Pocket Flash Drive 8GB is write protected can you help me how to disable “write protect” i tried the Imation Lock but it says still my flash drive is write protect. please help me thanks

  3. I only own a very old 128MB flash drive and as I mentioned I ended up buying a Sandisk Cruzer Micro as a replacement. I will continue to buy Sandisk products as I am very satisfied with the quality. Can’t help you there with your Imation drive, sorry.

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