ALSA Support in Skype

Finally, Skype has released a beta version with alsa support:

Skype Beta with ALSA

Hopefully all the troubles with “Problem with Sound Device” will be history. However for users with very old kernels, and prefer to use OSS, the option is still there. The problem with Skype utilizing OSS on modern systems is that it keeps on failing to close /dev/dsp after using it. The only way to make it work again is to restart Skype. It’s a hassle and a headache. Believe me, I used to be a SysAdmin (until a week ago) for a 99.99% Linux desktop company – with Skype as one of the primary communication tools.

Student caught recording in cinema

PENANG: Ever wondered how the latest movie blockbusters make it into the pirated market within a day of its official cinema release?

A 21-year-old college student was caught using a video camera handphone to record Anjelica Lee Sinje’s latest horror flick Re-cycle at the Golden Screen Cinema (GSC) in Gurney Plaza on Thursday afternoon.

The movie, filmed in Bangkok on a US$5mil (RM18mil) budget, made its debut in Malaysian theatres on that day.

The student had recorded 45 minutes of the 109-minute movie when the cinemas assistant manager spotted him.

The manager apprehended the student and seized the handphone before handing him over to the police.

Had the student finished recording the movie, he would then have downloaded it into a computer and burnt it onto VCDs and DVDs.

Within an hour, hundreds of copies would find their way to night markets and eating stalls, just like the pirated copies of Superman Returns and the computer animated Cars.

Original news:

I’m just wondering what handphone the kid used, good enough to reproduce VCDs? Wow… I am not saying that the student did a right thing but it’s kinda funny. Maybe after this cinemas will check our mobile phones before entering.