Adding Storage To Lenovo Laptop

Before purchasing anything, I would usually do a lot of research about reliability, pricing, and support. Another factor is upgradability.

I wanted to buy an IdeaPad laptop directly from Lenovo, but it was not as customizable as I would like it to be.

The laptop has multiple configuration options, there are models with an SSD and HDD, and some models with only SSD. I wanted to buy one with only a single 512 GB M.2 2242 SSD and upgrade in the future. When I contacted Lenovo sales via chat, they told me that it is impossible to add a new drive, that it would void the warranty.

I decided to buy one with a single M.2 SSD anyway.

The interesting this is that a disk caddy (including cables) is included indicating that we are allowed to add a disk on our own.

I haven’t tried to open the bottom panel yet, but I guess it’s normal these days to be able to add a disk into the disk bay.

There you go, I should be able to add a drive when needed 👍🏼

Old Blog No More

As I have explained in the previous post Domain Change I decided to move on and let the domain expire. Today, I found out a new WordPress blog has been erected using that domain, with technical topics as its focus.

Some even cross over with my old topics such as exporting blogger to WordPress and building a collapsible plugin. This gives the impression as if the site is owned by me especially since my old WordPress plugins are still pointing over to as they are outdated in the plugin repository.

I need to tell everyone that is no longer owned by me, and anything that is written there is certainly not mine. I am not responsible for anything that is published there.

Please be aware.