Another Month with Low Post

Looks like not so much useful post for May either. I was actually planning to post a few useful geeky articles about things I have managed to hack around at work (i.e. Patching the Linux kernel tree to support Linux Virtual Server + Software Suspend 2). Looks like I have to do those later. 😐

Downside of IT Certification


The Q1 2006 Hot Technical Skills and Certifications Pay Index, released April 25 by Foote Partners, a New Canaan, Conn., IT compensation and workforce management firm, found that pay premiums for non-certified IT skills grew three times faster than for certified ones in a six-month period spanning 2005-2006.…

The study suggests that there has been a change in employers’ acceptance of the value of non-certified tech skills versus certifications in maintaining competitive pay for their workers.

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