Ady has been a PHP programmer since 1998. He is passionate about Linux and is also a Linux System Administrator since 1998. He lives a hectic lifestyle and is now [into security area] [into servers and integration] [back into SysAdmin] [a Release Engineer] [a DevOps Engineer].

He loves Cyberjaya so much that whenever he needs a job he always look for it around Cyberjaya first. If he has enough money he would have bought himself a nice piece of land or property in Cyberjaya. He has a home office in Cyberjaya.

Ady’s professional SysAdmin experience is defined under Level IV: Senior System Administrator.

While this site focuses on geeky, tech stuff, from time to time Ady does write about revenue programs to test his luck and paid posts if the topic manages to make him interested. Who wouldn’t want to make some extra cash?

This site was not built to make money or to write about a particular topic but more like a place where Ady can practice his English writing, rant about bad services, and share his thoughts. He has never imagined that the site would receive the current number of readers.

Ady hates using the phone as much as Jimmy Tudeski hates mayonnaise, but he loves using email.

Contact Ady via email and ask him anything related to tech and geeky stuff. If he can, he’ll help.

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