Frustration With Exabytes

Between 00:20 to 02:10 Malaysian time (16:20 to 18:10 GMT) the Apache service on the server hosting this site was down. I know that only Apache was down due to the fact that I can’t access the webites using the web browser but I can access FTP, SSH, SMTP, and POP. Here’s what I put inside the form for Exabytes technical support:


We can’t access the site using HTTP. Apache may be down. I can access FTP, SMTP, SSH, and POP. I realized that there was a problem with the network at the data center as described in but this problem will cause outages on all services, not only HTTP.

Just letting you know as you may not realize Apache is down.

Thank you.

And the reply I received surprised me:

Dear Ady,
At the moment, our network had high latency.
Our network engineers are currently working on this issue.
You may refer to:

If you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact. Thank You.
Best Regards,
KM Chow
System Engineer,
Exa Bytes Network Sdn Bhd

With an excellent customer support record so far (at least for myself), I was surprised that this Engineer (?) can’t read well. He shouldn’t have repeated the URL I already mentioned. This somehow implies that the customer can’t read and the reply really looks like a template.

I am hosting at Exabytes Malaysia due to the fact that the customer support is fast, and my access to the server is very fast. But right now I am thinking of moving my blog elsewhere. Too bad some of other sites I host here must stay due to the fact that they are targeted to Malaysian customers and the access is fast.


11 thoughts on “Frustration With Exabytes”

  1. maintaining a working flawless webhosting company is a very hard task to do. I think in all webhosting provider in malaysia, exabytes does a pretty good job at it.

    Hopefully it will continue its service quality and reputation and live up to other ppl expectations too…

  2. I’m having problems with Exa too these days. I will probably consider a move as well for my blog. I have already decided that I will move another site of mine which is currently hosted on semi-dedicated (a plan which I do not need for the site because that site actually has low traffic but Exa insisted on me taking it) which will expire in June.

    – MENJ

  3. @mypapit: I agree, but I’m a customer, what can I say…

    @menj: Yes I heard you pay quite a sum for that service.

    Exabytes Malaysia hosts the server at NetMyne which is maintained by TMNET. I went there once for a job, and saw that the data center Engineers (not Exabytes!) are chatting using Yahoo! Messenger, most of the time. But as mypapit mentioned, they (Exabytes) do have the best customer service in Malaysia when it comes to hosting. The second best I experienced is Freenet.

  4. Im not fancy of any malaysian based web provider. I think any provider who have commited themselves to move their server at NetMyne is consider good, knowning the fact that the data center is the best in the country. Any flawless can be fully channeled to the TMnet themselves.
    Well, Ady I dont think chatting on YM is wrong maybe they are taking YM as the customer assistant tools.. in fact in my office, we are encourage to use YM to communicate with the other staff to avoid chatting verbally.
    All in all, i think exabyte is still a good deal least in Malaysia.

  5. eVionyX, hosting is a 24 x 7 business. I rather pay twice the price for high quality customer support and 99% uptime.

    Then again, different people have different expectations. 🙂

    I don’t use Exabytes’ service anymore, but everyone has their right to choose and evaluate the service.

  6. 1 year ago I have moved my blog to yeahhost malaysia, because of their good comment from Google and the package they offer to me. If you have facing any problem with your current host, you may try yeahhost. You will never regret, if not 100% satisfy, request for money back guarantee.

  7. Hi, I read that extrabyte is majorly accessible to Malaysians and not particularly to rest of the world mostly Africa is this true. As i am planning to host my website with extrabyte and I will want a worldwide coverage please.

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