Welcoming 2009/1430H

2009 is very near, and I am writing this post earlier for the fear of getting arrested before 2009 actually comes. 1430H arrived yesterday. Happy New Year!!

2008 was a very good year with a new job, new son, and new house purchase. The new year of 2009 is supposed to be the best new year for me and my family but it seems that now the house next door is going to spoil it for me. As I have previously mentioned in my previous post they are making so much noise that I feel really miserable. It’s gonna be the worst new year for me and my family.

On the good side, my report to MPSJ about the unbearable noise has been recorded and I have received the usual “your report has been received and is being processed for action” note.

If I manage to avoid arrest, I hope I will be a better man in 2009. A better father and husband, a better Samaritan, a better Muslim, a better Malaysian, a better employee, and a better human in general. There is no specific resolution for me except to put a strike to the word nicotine on the tag line (to be super honest removing the word nicotine has been on my mind for the last several years). And oh yes, who does not want to be a millionaire?

Take good care people and enjoy life. I hope all your wishes come true in 2009. Happy new year, and thanks for being my reader.


7 thoughts on “Welcoming 2009/1430H”

  1. wish all your dream come true as well.. 🙂
    dont get arrested ok…
    new addition in family, new job and new house.. that’s a wonderful year, remarkable achievement gitu 🙂

  2. Hide the evidence. Couple of places where you can dump the body:
    1 – Bukit Tangga, route from S’ban – Jelebu. Got deep ravine.
    2 – Genting Peras, Kajang – Jelebu. Along Spoon body found here.
    Just kidding 🙂 . Harap bersabar banyak2. Mungkin ada hikmahnya yg kita tak tahu.

    1. LOL… good one. The next time I plan to kill someone I will consult you. You are officially my crime consultant.

      Betul tu… maybe ada hikmah. Thanks pal 🙂

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