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I have been doing groceries shopping alone for about 20 days now, and I have always done it at Jusco. However today since I had to pick up my spectacles from Focus Point I went to Carrefour instead. There were several differences between Jusco and Carrefour and to tell you the truth I prefer Jusco.

My personal opinion is that Jusco seems to have a better environment and it’s cleaner. Plus, service is very much better than Carrefour.

When I arrived home today I realized that the cashier scanned the large promotional pack (6 x 4) of Season’s Chrysanthemum tea as separate 6 packs:


When it should be at the promotion price of RM12.99 (I wasted RM6.57):


But I guess it was an honest mistake. I hate it but they are still human. It’s also partially my fault for not checking everything (my excuse is that I was dizzy wearing the new glasses).

Comparing prices I found out that the price of Mamy Poko New Born (pack of 52) differs significantly! Since I bought 3 packs at Carrefour I wasted RM14.76 compared to buying them at Jusco:


However if you’re a cranberry juice lover like moi, you’ll find that the price is cheaper by RM2.00 in Carrefour. So if you’re looking into buying bulk let’s say for a party you should head to Carrefour:




7 thoughts on “Shop Jusco or Carrefour”

  1. Dude… if you got time.. u can ask back your money at carrefour.. if im not mistaken 3days to redeem back your money.. it lots man.. if im not mistaken also.. carrefour will pay back 2-3times price if you can give the comparison price from others groceries. Anyway.. compare to big groceries store.. GIANT, TESCO and CARREFOUR.. i really prefer to go to ECONSAVE… unfortunately.. they just have a few branch in klang only.. huhuhu…

    1. Thanks Khairi. Unfortunately there is a term in Carrefour website that they will only refund double if the store is within 10km radius. How far apart is Alamanda to Equine Park?

      Here’s the page.

      However 100% refund can be requested but I was thinking that the petrol, parking and energy to go there is it worth RM20? To get a free 3 hours car park now you can’t do it at the counter anymore you need to go to the KLCC Parking Management office which is quite far.

      “Good job” Carrefour.

  2. Air mahal lah ko bagi aku minum tadik….

    Anyway, for diapers.. try 99 mini market… aku beli Huggies M84 36.xx tapi kat Tesco/Giant jual 45++.

    1. Haha… I was expecting to pay the price I paid but when I realized it should have been cheaper I simply felt cheated.

      Oh OK thanks for the diaper tips, I will ask you later where is that mini market located.

  3. wahahaha… aku pun minum air mahal la aritu?
    about jusco, the price is for normal user or must come with JCard before i can get that price?

    i never thought Jusco price is cheaper than Carrefour,Giant. sebelum ni asyik dok ingat harga kat Jusco semua mahal.

    1. Err.. tak. Air ko batch lain hehehe.. dari Jusco.

      The price discussed above are normal prices, although there exists some item which are cheaper for J Card holders.

      Well, I think there is no sure thing which hypermarket is cheaper. For example although the diapers are cheaper in Jusco, the cranberry juice is cheaper in Carrefour. I compared several other things in my receipts and to tell you the truth the same thing applies – some things are cheaper at Jusco while some are cheaper at Carrefour. 😉

      But the diaper price really made me terkejut beruk. I bought 3 packs.

  4. mamy poko at RM34.98 it’s the best in town.. you should go and grab as many as you can..

    the problem with diapers, which make them unreliable to set one as your fav store is that their price is highly flactuate…
    my son wear MP during night, huggies dry comfort during daytime.
    the dry comfort price in carrefour is like playing a japanese yen in forex.. kekadang as low as RM33+ sometimes up to RM45+

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