You Can Make Money Online

For the skeptical, here’s a post as a simple proof that you can indeed make money online. During early March 2007 I introduced my better half to Pay Per Post. Since then she has been happily blogging and earn around USD15-25 per day. Within two month’s time she accumulated more than USD1000 in her Paypal account with money from paid posts.

As the money comes from her hard work, she is very proud with it and so am I. For the first USD500 she withdrew, she decided to buy a big screen TV for our bedroom since our old TV was fried by lightning earlier this year. Since we don’t want to spend all of the money, or too much money we decided to buy a slim TV instead of a LCD. We got a LG Slim TV and a DVD player:

LG TV and DVD player

They are not state of the art equipment but good enough for us to watch DVDs and downloaded DivX movies.

There you go. You can make money online. This is a proof that with hard work you can get some extra money from paid posts. But do remember to not fall into the trap of any fast money scheme or work at home scheme that will usually causes you to lose money instead. Be wise.

As for my better half, she is as happy as a clam and I am very very impressed and appreciate her effort especially since she is extremely busy with her business these days… 🙂

Oh by the way if you bought or thinking of buying the DVX162 DVD Player, it is useful to know that it does not read DVD+R/RW as the box said. It only reads DVD-R/RW.


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