Nokia 5700 Commercial Song

Recently in Malaysian TV there are several commercials with very cool music. One of them is the Nokia 5700 Express Music commercial with a very funky music performed in a foreign language. Googling around I found out that the song titled Solta O Frango is performed by Bonde Do Rolê, a band from Brazil. The music came from their first album (2007), titled With Lasers.

Here’s a video from YouTube:

Knowing that the official language for Brazil is Portuguese, I am guessing that the song is also in Portuguese. I am unsure of what the song is all about but in the video the main characters seems to be the two guys in chicken costumes fighting with each other 😉 I am not even sure whether the video is official.

Other musics from commercials that I like are the song in the Sony Ericsson W880i commercial, Want You To Know by Freelance Hellraiser, and the other one used in Canon commercials (I have not discovered the song yet).

Update 09-June-2007

Direct translation of the title: Untied Chicken. This explains the video clip.

Disclaimer: the song contains one mention of the word Jesus which was mentioned as a reference to God who everybody loves, from the translation by Google but it is not a worshiping song or Gospel so I don’t worry much about it. But for the conservative, do avoid it if you want and spare me the preaching.


6 thoughts on “Nokia 5700 Commercial Song”

  1. thank you so much!
    i’ve been looking for this song on google but couldnt find it, tried yahoo and your page came out…
    thank you so much!!

  2. I’m brazilian and yes, the song by Bonde do Rolê is sung in brazilian portuguese. The video is oficial and there are some band members featuring on it. The title could be translated as “relese the chicken” that means something like “express yourself”. The video makes a trick between the song title and the cock fighting (illegal in Brazil).Bonde do Rolê make a light “rio funk”, wihtout explicit lyrics from the original style.
    I hate rio funk (or funk carioca)…

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