Italiannies Sunway Pyramid

This is an overdue post that I wanted to write right after I came back from there on Tuesday, but I couldn’t.

That day, I went back home earlier than usual as my other half was craving for pasta. Pizza Hut and Kenny Rogers pasta were also candidates but we like the Carbonara at Italiannies best because of the full flavor. It was our second time at Italiannies Sunway Pyramid, as the first was on Father’s day where I enjoyed a free Grilled Salmon Oreganata (that is a RM44++ meal gratis). I like the branch in Sunway Pyramid better than the one in The Curve as the restaurant is bigger, the air conditioning is a lot cooler, and the environment is much calmer. Plus, the service in Sunway Pyramid is superb.

If you have been following my posts, you will know that I am easily annoyed with bad service. I was annoyed at first with the weird, hard to understand accent but it faded away when they gave their best service. The first time I went there they helped me carry the stroller up the stairs (we used the wrong entrance by the pub to the smoking level). This time, they brought a pillow for my kid’s back support when they saw that I had to use one of my hand to support the kid’s back on the considerably large high chair. They paid good attention and gave help without the need to be asked. I felt so grateful I almost shed some tears but fortunately I didn’t.

If tipping is practiced in Malaysia those two servers would get a fat tip from me. Well I would still tip them if I feel like I have money to spare but not right now. Maybe some day, hopefully soon.

Italiannies in Sunway Pyramid consists of two levels – the lower level is the smoking level and there is an entrance near the pub (I can’t remember the name). If you’re coming from inside the mall, the entrance is at the back of TGI Friday’s. Yes, you have to enter TGI Friday’s, go left and straight to the back where there is a door waiting for you. I personally prefer this entrance.

I will go there again, to try the Sicilian Pizza. I ended up having the salmon again since they were out of ingredients for the pizza (it was quite late in the evening).

So what about you, do you like Italiannies and what can you recommend to have there?

Ice Lemon Tea with Roach, Anyone?

This is the yuckiest experience I have so far with restaurants. As it was a hot day I was relieved to see my Season’s Ice Lemon Tea arrived at Kenny Rogers and quickly took a sip.

Something went into my mouth with the drink, and at first I thought it was some lemon pulp separated from the added lemon slices but it started to move!

It was a little roach, yucks! I called a change for the drink and asked the manager to come to see me. She was being very apologetic about it and even offered us to convert everything gratis including anything we want to order next. Since we were not looking for free food I said we will pay, but you must make sure that your restaurant is clean!

She gave us a bowl of fancy ice cream anyway, complimentary; but we didn’t really enjoyed it that much.

They regretted that ever happened and according to them this is the worst case they ever had (was the worst case for me too!). If they were rude about it I would have reported them to MPSJ immediately as MPSJ opened a few service counters just outside their doors.

Anyway I told them again and again I would come again but they must make sure the same thing would never happen to anyone else ever again.

What Happened to Marché Mövenpick

I went to have lunch at at The Curve on Saturday and I was a bit disappointed by the lack of staff and all the waiting we had to do. While I understand that the system is for you to order and wait they should not have asked people to come back in 5 minutes if we actually have to wait for 20.

I was ordering the 1/2 Roasted Chicken meal and the guy who is attending the stall is also the same guy who cooks the mixed vegetable at the next stall. And the funniest thing of all is while the menu said roasted chicken they are actually reheating it on the grill. Yes, on the grill. So the chicken gets charred and tasted like charcoal, and loses all its moisture. The vegetable is all dried up, and I think that the menu has been changed (many meals have been removed).

The roasted chicken in the same restaurant used to be moist, juicy and the gravy was superb. This time they provided BBQ sauce.

And using the grill also means that it takes a lot longer than the oven. I saw that the oven was switched off so I think this may be a step to cut some cost?

What’s wrong with the restaurant? Are they so affected by the economy that they decided to provide improper food, lousy service, and jeopardize the whole business?

I won’t be visiting this restaurant anytime soon unless anyone really wants to eat something from the menu (the mixed vege and the sauteed mushroom still tastes the same). I’ll just go to Kenny Rogers for roasted chicken.

Ramadhan: McDonald’s Breakfast Starts at 5.00

I have just returned from a short trip to Taman Equine McDonald’s to look for some light food for sahur. It was exactly 4.22 AM when I arrived at the drive-thru. We wanted to have the big breakfast set but the voice on the display said “during Ramadhan breakfast starts at 5.00 AM”.

I said thanks and left. I just want to warn everyone because I’ve never heard of this special change during Ramadhan. A bit disappointed but it’s OK.

Aicu Kopitiam & Cafe

Earlier today I went to Wangsa Maju to pick up some things for my niece’s wedding next week. For lunch I decided to try out shops in the Wangsa Link area. My friend who owns a business there recommended a lunch at Aicu Kopitiam & Cafe.

Since it was hot we decided to sit inside where it’s cooler. The overall ambiance is nice with old music playing in the background. We ordered a Barli Lemon Ais (Iced Lemon Barley) and an Teh O Ais (Iced Tea) and there was no delay at all before the drinks were delivered. Good. However instead of lemon they used LIME. Yes, lime.

Food is a different story. We ordered a Penang Kuay Teow, Nasi Goreng Kampung (Kampung Fried Rice), Telur Mata (Fried Egg), and Cucur Ikan Bilis (Anchovy Fritters).

After about 15 minutes, the Penang Kuay Teow arrived. 10 minutes later, the Fried Rice arrived. I was too hungry and started digging immediately. The fried egg however arrived 10 minutes later, when I was about to finish so I canceled it. The fritters arrived 15 minutes after that.

So the total wait time:

  • Penang Kuay Teow – 15 minutes
  • Fried rice – 25 minutes
  • Fried egg – 35 minutes
  • Fritters – 50 minutes

The food portion is a bit small for the price, and the food taste is OK. Not great but OK. I can eat that if I have no other choice.

As a very fussy restaurant customer I always expect to get the exact menu I ordered. The first example where lemon is being substituted by lime clearly shows that there is no such thing as quality control. What you order is not what you get (WYOINWGY).

One thing to note is that they use chipped ice instead of the normal tube ice so it is constantly stuck in the straw hehe. And if you’re really hungry, don’t go to this place. It’s nice if you want to have a discussion, though.

Oh yes, as with most Malay food businesses don’t expect good hospitality. The cashier didn’t even return a smile.

Next time I may try the Cheng Ho restaurant (owned by Amy Search) next to this place.

Searching for the restaurant name, I found another disgruntled customer. Well, almost customer.

The Datuk who own this place should take a look at the business better.

McDonald’s Taman Equine

Last night (Sunday morning) at 2.50am my stomach started to rumble as I was staying up late to finish up some work. So I went to McDonald’s to get some food at the 24-hour drive thru. I arrived there exactly at 3.00am, and there were 3 cars ahead of me in the queue.

I didn’t expect anything weird until the first car in front still have not moved after 10 minutes. And 2 more cars arrived behind me. Not that I can reverse the car and get away or anything (although the thought did enter my mind). I turns out that I had to wait until 3.25am in the queue before it was my turn. Yes, 25 minutes in queue at McDonald’s drive thru.

After ordering (with very limited choice) I saw the supervisor was manning the drive thru counter while all of the other staff was playing around, taking drinks from the dispenser and do nothing. And the manager had to record orders on a paper. At first I thought they were on break or something until I decided to ask the supervisor why the hell did he write records on paper and does he have to do it every night? He said, “yes, we have to wait until the system turns back on in the morning to key in everything”.

Hmm… can’t the staff go around and pickup the food while the manager takes orders and record them? Beats me. I don’t know fast food business that well. I just eat them.

That’s a new lesson for me. If you’re starving in the middle of the night don’t go to McDonald’s. And I thought they had a perfect “system”. Quoting my entrepreneurship teacher in college:

Why McDonald’s can succeed in their business? They have a perfect system.

Yeah right 😉