Ramadhan: McDonald’s Breakfast Starts at 5.00

I have just returned from a short trip to Taman Equine McDonald’s to look for some light food for sahur. It was exactly 4.22 AM when I arrived at the drive-thru. We wanted to have the big breakfast set but the voice on the display said “during Ramadhan breakfast starts at 5.00 AM”.

I said thanks and left. I just want to warn everyone because I’ve never heard of this special change during Ramadhan. A bit disappointed but it’s OK.


4 thoughts on “Ramadhan: McDonald’s Breakfast Starts at 5.00”

  1. oitss..ko pon pegi mcDonald jugak ke..hahah..aku pon pi sama..pukul 4.10am aku sampai..ada ka breakfast dia set start pukul 5:00am..tension..aku pon terus blah jugak..layan kat mamak je la sahur hari ni…hahaha

  2. Actually, I never thought of it that way. Probably true.

    I hate it when they decided to change things around they never announce it. When they decided to start it at 4 they make all kind of advertisements in TV!!!

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