Ice Lemon Tea with Roach, Anyone?

This is the yuckiest experience I have so far with restaurants. As it was a hot day I was relieved to see my Season’s Ice Lemon Tea arrived at Kenny Rogers and quickly took a sip.

Something went into my mouth with the drink, and at first I thought it was some lemon pulp separated from the added lemon slices but it started to move!

It was a little roach, yucks! I called a change for the drink and asked the manager to come to see me. She was being very apologetic about it and even offered us to convert everything gratis including anything we want to order next. Since we were not looking for free food I said we will pay, but you must make sure that your restaurant is clean!

She gave us a bowl of fancy ice cream anyway, complimentary; but we didn’t really enjoyed it that much.

They regretted that ever happened and according to them this is the worst case they ever had (was the worst case for me too!). If they were rude about it I would have reported them to MPSJ immediately as MPSJ opened a few service counters just outside their doors.

Anyway I told them again and again I would come again but they must make sure the same thing would never happen to anyone else ever again.


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