RegisterFly Woes

Do yourself a favor. Do not use RegisterFly for domains.

When you submit a ticket, they don’t care. When you submit multiple tickets, they’ll reply by saying “Please do not submit multiple tickets with the same issue”. But at least I got their attention.


I am pissed off at them since I can’t even renew my domains. Their so-called automated domain renewal emails kept flooding my mailbox, but when I try to renew everything seems to fall apart. Submitting a ticket didn’t seem to help, so I did what this commenter in Vincent Rich’s blog suggested – use Firefox’s ReloadEvery extension to submit hundreds of tickets. I got their attention. One of my .com domain got transferred but for this particular domain their buggy system seems to be ignoring my renewal requests and gave me a blank order ID.

Now I have decided to transfer my domains elsewhere. The new registrar is powerful, their automated system is really automated, helping me register a new domain and the transfer requests within 5 minutes. However, I got stuck again with the authorization code. Previously in RegisterFly’s system you can clearly see an authorization code (a.k.a. EPP code) for every one of the domains, but recently it has disappeared. Vincent also had the same problem. Currently I see that he already succeeded in transferring his domain to NameCheap. Well done, Vincent. I wonder how long it took him for the transfer to complete.

What I have done so far about the transfer process initiated today is send another ticket, and an email to their support for the authorization codes. That’s where the transaction is stuck now. And I also see another ticket I created about my problem renewing domain. That’s not the first. The first also went unanswered.


I warn you once more, don’t do business with them. You’ll lose precious time, and money to buy aspirin because of the headache they cause.

What registrar do you use?