I think I am suffering from Narcolepsy. Even after 7.5 to 8 hours of sleep that should be adequate, I still feel tired and fatigue strikes during the whole time I am awake. It’s a sleeping disorder.

That’s why I have not been updating this blog, and why I am feeling dead tired at work.

I searched the Internet about this problem, and it seems that I have been suffering from this for quite a while now. In fact since I was studying I never seems to get enough sleep. I remember during study I did went to a doctor and asked about this problem and yet the respond was disappointing: the doctor said I was stressed from study. And yet now after a few years of hard work I am still facing this problem.

Found an interesting drug, Modafinil but I think it is not yet in Malaysia market. I tried asking in a local pharmacy but the drug is not yet in the handbook. The drug is manufactured under the name Provigil and it costs USD10 per pill online.

I can’t wait for it to reach Malaysia. I will ask my doctor about this and I hope she will not give me a dumb answer.

By the way, this has nothing related to epilepsy which is a seizure disorder. Just in case someone is wondering 😉


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  1. Well hello I am Jason Bootie from US. I have been diagnosed with Narcolepsy for almost 2yrs now. I have tried different medicines and Provigil was one of them. i know other folks who are on Provigil and it works great. It ended up not doing a good enough job for me after a year or so, I began to feel tired again and almost had a third accident. I am not sure on who they work with meds and going to different countries. I personally would go to your Dr. and ask him or her to refer you to a sleep specialist. In order to find out that you do actually have Narcolepsy you need to take some tests.

    Well have to get back to work. Hope this helps.


  2. Hello Jason thanks for visiting & your feedback.

    I will be going to my doctor and see what her opinion would be. My best bet is that as she’s a general practitioner I’ll be referred to see a specialist in a bigger hospital somewhere here.

    How are you coping now? Are you on a different med?


  3. hello,

    i have narcolepsy too and have been searching the web for someone in malaysia who suffers from it (and is brave enough to say so). anyway, have you had any progress in managing this embarrassing condition? i am nodding off during meetings and conferences, so it’s becoming a big problem not to mention when i sit in front of the computer to work and can just doze off like a lamp switched off.

    do let me know.


  4. lucknorr: I’ve replied to your email. Please check whether it has been filtered into junk as that’s where I found yours. Probably the word narcolepsy triggered the spam engine.

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