Down Again

Looks like my excitement this morning was short-lived. The connection is down again.

Received a call from TMNET and they asked me to check my connection when I return home. If the connection is still not OK they suggested I wait for tomorrow morning. I immediately jumped at the caller and said “tomorrow??? tomorrow???”. And she quickly asked me to call if I still have problems.

What kind of service is that? This morning they even asked me whether I have done the stupid steps they always ask customers to do (create dialer, flush DNS, etc.). Last night I was still willing to go along with their low level technical skills. Today I am not so patient anymore.

Obviously as a network and firewall engineer I have checked all possible causes on my side and when I call I am sure it’s not my equipment’s fault!

That’s what always happen with TMNET – I play good and they bit by bit test my patience. 🙁


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