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Following the case I wrote about Exabytes’ disappointing respond to my notification, I received an email from the Director of Business Development saying how sorry they are about the incident.

By responding to a customer without being asked is indeed a very beneficial action towards a business. Customers feel happy that there exists someone inside the company who actually cares (even if they don’t really). It’s a good business practice and kudos to Exabytes.

I suddenly remembered I watched a video once by Ron Kauffman, and he explained how good customer service can overcome product defects. I agree with him 100%, if not more.


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  1. Disagree! Quality of servers is also very important. Exabytes’ uptime and email servers are the most regular issue for most of the customers. No matter how many sorry they give or from who, the role of the problem have to be solved. We have transferred few of our websites to somewhere else due to the problem I mentioned above.

  2. @USM: Yes, good customer service must be followed by a good action as well. For instance by saying that you will try to improve but no improvement can be seen, it’ll make it worst. I have stopped serving using Exabytes for important contents but I have mirroring system to load contents from Exabytes servers if users are from Malaysia (and the server is online). Just don’t want to feel like I’ve wasted money on 2 years hosting contract. 🙁

  3. You can easily to get free extend from any other hosting provider, just show them your invoice and you should be able to get free extend. I got 18 months free extend from my current provider when I transferred my sites to them.
    When I transferred my site to my currently hosting provider, the package I got is:
    10GB Web Space
    100GB Data Transfer
    10 FREE MS SQL Database (If you get it from Exabytes, you have to pay RM300+ per year)
    Free Site Builder with 400+ templates (Exabytes will charge you RM150+ and less templates than what I got now)
    And much more…

    Have a guess, how much do you think I need to pay? It is only RM199 per year included a free domain. I think you have to pay at least RM50 for the domain name in Exabytes.

    One more thing I am happy about is, my current hosting provider just free upgraded my package to 15GB, it was RM399 to sign up this package, now I get it without paying any cent. 🙂

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