Busy Times & Work

I have been very busy for the past several weeks and I am expecting that I will be for the coming weeks as well. The reason is mainly that I have just changed my dayjob and this new place is a tough place to work in. Contrary to my previous place, it is so uptight and strict that I just feel so tired when I return home.

Previously, as soon as work ends at 5pm or so I still have the energy to go for a jog, swim, or even hitting a hundred balls at the driving range – and come back home working on some codes. Being able to keep my mind off worrying about the rules, I was productive but I simply can’t do the same thing now. As soon as I arrive home all my energy has drained and the bed is my best ally.

I had multiple offers at the end of September, 3 largest offers came from Mid Valley, Cyberjaya, and Singapore. Considering packages, career advancement, and commuting I chose Cyberjaya. 10 minutes to work is a blessing because I hate wasting my time in the car doing nothing productive. Singapore was an exciting opportunity as well but with all of the preparation that needs to be done I can’t make it a reality. Mid Valley was also promising in terms of career advancement but using the Kepner Tregoe® techniques it failed miserably on the 1 hour+ commute to work in a traffic jam.

Stuck Dog

Behind my house there are currently 3 dogs, owned by my neighbors. There used to be only one, but the other 2 have just been added to the family. I think they are renovating their fence or something, because the fences are torn open at the wall side behind the house.

Every now and then there seems to be a massive commotion going on and I have always thought that the dogs are fighting with each other. But today I realized that it was actually because one of the dog is stuck in between the fence. It’s funny but I feel sorry for the little guy at the same time.

This video was taken after it got tired trying to get loose. I wished I thought of taking a video before that and you can really see how the poor thing struggled.

Busy Week

I just went through a hectic, but satisfying weekend. Went to Melaka (southern part of Malaysia) to help out in my niece’s engagement ceremony. It was tiring but satisfying. The ceremony ended up well, and I wish them a happy engaged period… until the real wedding day arrives!

Changing Jobs

Next week is going to be my final week serving my current employer. I am leaving because I received a much better offer (and prospect) for employment with an American company. From the security field, I am crossing back to UNIX servers, with a twist – I am going to work on Oracle as well.

The hardest part of leaving any job for me is friends and colleagues. Well, not that they will be lost forever but you leave a part of your life behind. Because of work, and other commitments you’ll have less chance to meet them. It’s even harder for me since I am leaving in very good term even with my direct managers!

There are other things that needs to be taken care about, such as HR matters, tax, etc. And you’ll never be certain what’s the new place will be like. My experience in the workplace started in small Malaysian companies, then to a medium Malaysian company, then to a medium European company, and to a huge European company. I’ve never worked in a huge American company before.

To be honest, it’s a bit scary even for someone who have worked for many years. But life must go on and a man has to decide which path he needs to take…

How’s your experience in changing jobs?

Get Well Soon

I’ve received a bad news a couple of weeks ago, that one of my good friend from college has been diagnosed with Leukemia. I was shocked and wished it was not true, as it was unconfirmed.

Today I had the opportunity to contact his wife who is working in the same company as me, and asked a bit about him. I don’t want to pester her too much as I know it must be a very miserable period for her. She has confirmed that he is indeed diagnosed and confirmed to have Leukemia.

I asked her whether we can visit to give him our support for him to go through but he’s still too weak and prone to infections. He must be going through hell now, with chemotherapy and stuff. Poor guy. I sent my regards via her and asked her to let me know when we can visit.

I really wish that he will get better very soon. This guy have a little girl, and a family to support. God willing.

On Duty

For the next couple of weeks I may not be able to write so much, due to the fact that I am on 24×7 standby duty at work. This only happens like every 3 months, so I am OK with it.

On another development I have received quite a number of invitations for interviews by referral and immediate employments. Too many junctions ahead, and I have to clear up my head to think and make the best choice for the future. The highest paying company does not mean the best place to work in.

I Am 50 Inside

Yesterday: I went to see the company doctor due to my giddiness problem and the doctor said I need to exercise more. My cholesterol level ain’t that great either and my risk to getting a heart disease is 7%. Lucky for me my blood pressure is normal.

Today at a pharmacy I got a test to see my body fat level and it’s spiking high. And my metabolism rate is at 50 of age. I am in my late 20s and my metabolism rate is almost twice my age. I really have to think harder about my health.

This Friday I shall restart my gym sessions which have been stopped for 2 months since the fasting month.

Happy Holidays

I would like to wish everyone a very Happy Holidays. Be safe.

I will be away for the weekend, to a galaxy far far away. Just kidding. I am going to Pahang for my wife’s business. It’s not a vacation as I have to spend my time in the hotel room working on a development project. I promised to deliver it right after Christmas, so basically I have no choice or I will be shot if I don’t finish it.

I am unsure whether we’ll have Internet access at the hotels, as we will be staying in normal hotels – all 5 star hotels are fully booked for the weekend! 🙁

Enjoy your time.

Sick Day

When I woke up at dawn today it felt like I have been hit by a train. Decided not to go to work, send text to my shift partner and manager.

The weird thing is that I did not realize I have a fever. Well, a slight fever anyway. The fever is because of throat infection – so that’s why I have been coughing like crazy since mid-November. I have to believe my Doctor. The fatigue and sleepiness might be caused by this infection as well, she said.

Hope I will get well soon so that I can work full-throttle.


I think I am suffering from Narcolepsy. Even after 7.5 to 8 hours of sleep that should be adequate, I still feel tired and fatigue strikes during the whole time I am awake. It’s a sleeping disorder.

That’s why I have not been updating this blog, and why I am feeling dead tired at work.

I searched the Internet about this problem, and it seems that I have been suffering from this for quite a while now. In fact since I was studying I never seems to get enough sleep. I remember during study I did went to a doctor and asked about this problem and yet the respond was disappointing: the doctor said I was stressed from study. And yet now after a few years of hard work I am still facing this problem.

Found an interesting drug, Modafinil but I think it is not yet in Malaysia market. I tried asking in a local pharmacy but the drug is not yet in the handbook. The drug is manufactured under the name Provigil and it costs USD10 per pill online.

I can’t wait for it to reach Malaysia. I will ask my doctor about this and I hope she will not give me a dumb answer.

By the way, this has nothing related to epilepsy which is a seizure disorder. Just in case someone is wondering 😉

A Busy Weekend

I have just finished a busy weekend. Went to pick up my Mom ~400km up North East and ~400km back, and sending her off for Hajj at Kelana Jaya Hajj Complex.

Today I was dead tired, but unable to get any sleep due to the fact that I slept early the night before and woke up quite late in the morning.

And in about 40 minutes I will have to be at work, on night shift for 9 hours.

My web development client has been pressuring me, and on Thursday I will be on flight to Langkawi for the company trip. With so many events they planned for the trip I imagine that I will not be able to get so much rest after all.

Tonight at midnight will be our 3rd year anniversary and I have nothing prepared. Hopefully I can manage to go to a good dinner tomorrow night for our anniversary.

Still dead tired, hopefully I will get through the night without any problems and get back home at 7.30am. Usually that’s not possible as there were so many things to finish at work.

A close friend of mine said that when she feels tired and out of sleep, she’ll say to herself that she’ll have lots of time to rest/sleep when she retires. I said to her: what if the reaper comes and takes you before you retires? Oh well that’s so “chicken and egg“.

Oh well, at least I have a nice job. I have to learn to be thankful for that 🙂


RHSince the company I am working for is willing to pay for the training fees + exam fees, I am actually thinking of getting RHCE. However due to the current events that are going on in the office, I will not be able to attend the 5 day training until the early of next year. Time is a big problem indeed.

There will be an RH302 exam available on 24 December 2006 at Training Choice, KL.

The catch is that I have to pass the exam and the company will reimburse. If not, I’ll lose RM1,800.00 (~USD500.00) for nothing. Gulp!

Do You Have Heart?

When your family ask you to bring you to KFC for a meal, would you say no? Do you have heart to say no, for whatever reason, if you child asked you to bring him/her to KFC?

I know, it would be dramatic and sad if you can’t afford it but what if you earn RM7000+ per month? A simple meal at KFC for 5 people would definitely cost less than RM100.00

This is a true story that happened last Ramadhan. Even worst, it was for break fast (buka puasa). The father responded: “No. Do you think KFC is cheap?“.

I ask you again. Do you have heart?



Cuba bayangkan seorang ayah, bila diajak anak-anak untuk makan KFC berbuka puasa, menjawab: “Korang ingat KFC murah ke?“. Sedangkan kita tahu yang beliau bergaji besar?

Sampai hati ke?