Do You Have Heart?

When your family ask you to bring you to KFC for a meal, would you say no? Do you have heart to say no, for whatever reason, if you child asked you to bring him/her to KFC?

I know, it would be dramatic and sad if you can’t afford it but what if you earn RM7000+ per month? A simple meal at KFC for 5 people would definitely cost less than RM100.00

This is a true story that happened last Ramadhan. Even worst, it was for break fast (buka puasa). The father responded: “No. Do you think KFC is cheap?“.

I ask you again. Do you have heart?



Cuba bayangkan seorang ayah, bila diajak anak-anak untuk makan KFC berbuka puasa, menjawab: “Korang ingat KFC murah ke?“. Sedangkan kita tahu yang beliau bergaji besar?

Sampai hati ke?