Stuck Dog

Behind my house there are currently 3 dogs, owned by my neighbors. There used to be only one, but the other 2 have just been added to the family. I think they are renovating their fence or something, because the fences are torn open at the wall side behind the house.

Every now and then there seems to be a massive commotion going on and I have always thought that the dogs are fighting with each other. But today I realized that it was actually because one of the dog is stuck in between the fence. It’s funny but I feel sorry for the little guy at the same time.

This video was taken after it got tired trying to get loose. I wished I thought of taking a video before that and you can really see how the poor thing struggled.


2 thoughts on “Stuck Dog”

  1. Yeah they know about it, but frankly the poor dogs are not given enough attention. When it rains, it’s worst. They get all wet and cold. Poor thing.

    Lucky for me my bedroom is in the front side, while the video you see is from at the back from my home office window. Otherwise I’ll go nuts too!

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