Get Well Soon

I’ve received a bad news a couple of weeks ago, that one of my good friend from college has been diagnosed with Leukemia. I was shocked and wished it was not true, as it was unconfirmed.

Today I had the opportunity to contact his wife who is working in the same company as me, and asked a bit about him. I don’t want to pester her too much as I know it must be a very miserable period for her. She has confirmed that he is indeed diagnosed and confirmed to have Leukemia.

I asked her whether we can visit to give him our support for him to go through but he’s still too weak and prone to infections. He must be going through hell now, with chemotherapy and stuff. Poor guy. I sent my regards via her and asked her to let me know when we can visit.

I really wish that he will get better very soon. This guy have a little girl, and a family to support. God willing.