You Can Make Money Online

For the skeptical, here’s a post as a simple proof that you can indeed make money online. During early March 2007 I introduced my better half to Pay Per Post. Since then she has been happily blogging and earn around USD15-25 per day. Within two month’s time she accumulated more than USD1000 in her Paypal account with money from paid posts.

As the money comes from her hard work, she is very proud with it and so am I. For the first USD500 she withdrew, she decided to buy a big screen TV for our bedroom since our old TV was fried by lightning earlier this year. Since we don’t want to spend all of the money, or too much money we decided to buy a slim TV instead of a LCD. We got a LG Slim TV and a DVD player:

LG TV and DVD player

They are not state of the art equipment but good enough for us to watch DVDs and downloaded DivX movies.

There you go. You can make money online. This is a proof that with hard work you can get some extra money from paid posts. But do remember to not fall into the trap of any fast money scheme or work at home scheme that will usually causes you to lose money instead. Be wise.

As for my better half, she is as happy as a clam and I am very very impressed and appreciate her effort especially since she is extremely busy with her business these days… 🙂

Oh by the way if you bought or thinking of buying the DVX162 DVD Player, it is useful to know that it does not read DVD+R/RW as the box said. It only reads DVD-R/RW.

My AdSense PIN Has Arrived

Despite of a shadowy day (the shadow is in my head) today, I am thrilled to learn that my AdSense PIN has arrived safely at my home. It felt good.

Google AdSense PIN

I’ve been busy and tired lately, this is a very big hurdle for a non full time blogger like me. Less and less time (and energy) to get online and write! The good news is that the cold is going away little by little.

AdSense Referrals Beta

I received my email subscription to Inside AdSense just about 20 minutes ago. There’s good news – AdSense is launching a referral program where you can refer products from advertisers now, not only Google products. When a visitor clicks on your referral link, if he/she completes an action defined by the advertiser, you get paid!

AdSense referrals beta

This program however is in Beta and not everyone can use it for now. You can try applying here:

(No no this is not a referral link. I am merely spreading the good news here).

Success Does Not Come Easy

Following my previous post about the $700K+ check, I looked up some information on the site. From the site’s copyright notice at the bottom the site have been running since 2001. However check this out, traffic graph from Alexa:


Permalink here.

As you can see, it’s not a while for the site to gain traffic and visitor’s trust. Time is a critical factor indeed, for a site to become successful. And never give up 😉

$700,000 AdSense Check

It’s official. This morning at home I switched on my machine, browsed on LiewCF, saw some posts, followed a link, and fell off my chair.

I am talking about this post.

The check’s total value is $901,733.84 (Canadian Dollars). That’s the check for 2 months. This guy would be a millionaire already if he is in Malaysia. Just think of that… more than RM1 million monthly! It’s not really weird since his site has been up since 2001.

This is really a good spirit lifter, especially since my own AdSense earning is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay lower than that.

Go to to see more checks.

I will send mine in when the value will not embarrass me 😉

A Global Community: Own The Internet

AGLOCO – simply a weird abbreviation that I am curious to check it out.

What is AGLOCO?

Simply put, AGLOCO is an Internet marketing tool for us to use in order to earn money. Advertisers, search companies, online merchants, businesses, etc. will pay for traffic and attention.

AGLOCO will work in the same way as Spedia did, using a toolbar while you browse the Internet. This bar is called Viewbar. However the concept is a little bit different where you’ll get actual shares of AGLOCO and also of course, referral commission. As I remembered back then my wife did get paid by Spedia, I think this program is also worth it and it costs nothing. You’ll be browsing the Internet anyway, wouldn’t you?

AGLOCO pays members for two things: sharing a part of the desktop space (the Viewbar), and increasing the network. It’s pretty logic, as I can see. I am not really interested in all the numbers for now.

OK then you would ask what’s the rationale behind it? Well, the toolbar of course will keep track of what you browse and gather the data for marketing purposes. It’s all about data mining. It’s the same concept as those bonus cards you use to gather points (i.e. BonusLink and RealRewards in Malaysia). They all have links to a central database and gather data. So now you have it, it’s not for nothing. You are willing to share something precious to the data miners and they will pay you back.

Leaving the network or uninstalling the bar is always an option if I think it’s not worth to have the bar floating around and not so much earnings later. The bottom line is earning a couple of bucks more per month wouldn’t hurt, would it?

The Viewbar, however is scheduled to be released in March and currently in limited Beta mode. Give it a try, sign up now (ref).

First PPP Payment

I have just received the payment for my first 2 posts with PayPerPost:

PPP First Payment

So now I have my proof that PPP is real. If you have not joined, why not start now? Click here to join.

However as I stressed out before I will only write on sites that accept neutral posts, or positive ones if I really have positive opinion about it. 🙂

This is not a sponsored post.

PayPerPost Acquires

This is an unexpected news but comprehensible indeed for PPP. For me this is a very good news for bloggers as Perfomancing is generally a very good idea for Internet Marketing strategy. The official news can be read here.

According to PPP, by the acquisition they now gained a number of powerful blogger support tools such as Performancing Metrics, the free blog analytic service, and Performancing Exchange, the online “classifieds” for bloggers.

The PPP brand, however will not be used for two of Performancing assets – the Firefox blog editor and Performancing Partner Ads technology. According to PPP these two assets will be migrated to a new brand. Lets just wait and see.

Performancing Metrics is a service for bloggers to track visitor stats, with built-in AdSense auditing. The platform is now in beta and currently reports blog visitors, blog comments, ad clickthroughs, and a few other features.

Performancing Exchange is an online marketplace for companies, blog sites and others wishing to employ professional bloggers.

These FREE tools will surely enhance PPPs offering to bloggers and I would not understand why any blogger passionate about writing not joining PPP. I am amazed on the marketing strategy by them, and from the looks of it PPP will stay in the Internet community longer than what some people anticipated.

As for me, I am taking a personal strategy of my own – not too fast, and not too slow. Until I get my payments from PPP I will just take it slow, one step at a time. It’s a good idea to make money from blogging, without effecting the integrity of the things you write in your blog.

This post is sponsored by PPP, who else? 😉

PayPerPost Requires Disclosure

Mike Arrington of Techcrunch revealed on Saturday that PayPerPost will require bloggers to disclose that the post is a paid post. It can be done on the individual post, or site-wide using a disclosure policy.

In October when PayPerPost created DisclosurePolicy, Mike stated that he hopes not many bloggers will go along with PayPerPost. I understand his concerns about blogsphere and public trust, but if bloggers dont just jump to take every opportunity they see, we can still withhold the integrity of blogsphere.

Nevertheless, PayPerPost is a good form of blog advertising and helps many bloggers to earn an extra income, at least to cover the hosting expense while doing what they like – to write. Bloggers need to remember though, that they should write only on what they believe is true. I believe readers will be able to detect if the blogger is sincere or just writing for money!

This is a paid post.

Studio Traffic

It has been a while since I heard about Studio Traffic. In fact, I have always thought that it was a scam trying to reach into your pocket and steal our hard-earned money. Also, the fact that people spamming my Yahoo! Messenger and emails with Studio Traffic referral links turned me off from even checking out what it is all about. Additionally, nobody wants to explain to me what it is all about.

A few days ago I just spontaneously felt like checking it out. So I did. Registered an account and read all FAQs. Hmm.. their idea is not so bad at all. Basically you don’t get money for free. You work and earn your money by surfing their advertisers websites, and get paid. To make it simpler for you, they made an autosurf so that you don’t have to do much.

Due to the fact that nobody have even bothered to explain me what it is about, but just simply want me to register myself as their referee, I have created an informational page on Studio Traffic here. You can also find it on the Pages section at the sidebar.

Well, at least you won’t waste your time at the office, being bored…

Forget about it. It’s all lies. Don’t ever think you can make money this way. I lost USD100 here. Dumb, I know.