A Global Community: Own The Internet

AGLOCO – simply a weird abbreviation that I am curious to check it out.

What is AGLOCO?

Simply put, AGLOCO is an Internet marketing tool for us to use in order to earn money. Advertisers, search companies, online merchants, businesses, etc. will pay for traffic and attention.

AGLOCO will work in the same way as Spedia did, using a toolbar while you browse the Internet. This bar is called Viewbar. However the concept is a little bit different where you’ll get actual shares of AGLOCO and also of course, referral commission. As I remembered back then my wife did get paid by Spedia, I think this program is also worth it and it costs nothing. You’ll be browsing the Internet anyway, wouldn’t you?

AGLOCO pays members for two things: sharing a part of the desktop space (the Viewbar), and increasing the network. It’s pretty logic, as I can see. I am not really interested in all the numbers for now.

OK then you would ask what’s the rationale behind it? Well, the toolbar of course will keep track of what you browse and gather the data for marketing purposes. It’s all about data mining. It’s the same concept as those bonus cards you use to gather points (i.e. BonusLink and RealRewards in Malaysia). They all have links to a central database and gather data. So now you have it, it’s not for nothing. You are willing to share something precious to the data miners and they will pay you back.

Leaving the network or uninstalling the bar is always an option if I think it’s not worth to have the bar floating around and not so much earnings later. The bottom line is earning a couple of bucks more per month wouldn’t hurt, would it?

The Viewbar, however is scheduled to be released in March and currently in limited Beta mode. Give it a try, sign up now (ref).


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