Studio Traffic

It has been a while since I heard about Studio Traffic. In fact, I have always thought that it was a scam trying to reach into your pocket and steal our hard-earned money. Also, the fact that people spamming my Yahoo! Messenger and emails with Studio Traffic referral links turned me off from even checking out what it is all about. Additionally, nobody wants to explain to me what it is all about.

A few days ago I just spontaneously felt like checking it out. So I did. Registered an account and read all FAQs. Hmm.. their idea is not so bad at all. Basically you don’t get money for free. You work and earn your money by surfing their advertisers websites, and get paid. To make it simpler for you, they made an autosurf so that you don’t have to do much.

Due to the fact that nobody have even bothered to explain me what it is about, but just simply want me to register myself as their referee, I have created an informational page on Studio Traffic here. You can also find it on the Pages section at the sidebar.

Well, at least you won’t waste your time at the office, being bored…

Forget about it. It’s all lies. Don’t ever think you can make money this way. I lost USD100 here. Dumb, I know.