PayPerPost Requires Disclosure

Mike Arrington of Techcrunch revealed on Saturday that PayPerPost will require bloggers to disclose that the post is a paid post. It can be done on the individual post, or site-wide using a disclosure policy.

In October when PayPerPost created DisclosurePolicy, Mike stated that he hopes not many bloggers will go along with PayPerPost. I understand his concerns about blogsphere and public trust, but if bloggers dont just jump to take every opportunity they see, we can still withhold the integrity of blogsphere.

Nevertheless, PayPerPost is a good form of blog advertising and helps many bloggers to earn an extra income, at least to cover the hosting expense while doing what they like – to write. Bloggers need to remember though, that they should write only on what they believe is true. I believe readers will be able to detect if the blogger is sincere or just writing for money!

This is a paid post.