Advertlets Performance

From other Malaysian and Singaporean bloggers I can see that they experiencing very good performance with Advertlets. Unfortunately it is not the same case for me. Since having the widget for quite a while, and I remember that I am in the first batch of advertisement as well when it started but I only received RM0.20.

I don’t know how well the Advertlets ads are receiving clicks since there is no proper stats page for it like AdSense does.

For me, my AdSense performance for this blog has dramatically increased in the year 2007 to the level I have never expected.

So should I remove the widget, or should I wait. I am still evaluating what to do. It is a very good opportunity for bloggers to have an extra stream of income but not everything works for everyone.

How well is your Advertlets performance?


One thought on “Advertlets Performance”

  1. Don’t remove your Advertlets widget just yet! Give us a fair chance to allow your blog to start earning money for you!

    I will see what I can do.

    Best regards and happy blogging,
    Nabil Feisal
    Advertlets Team

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