Weird IP Mismatch on TMNET Network

Tonight’s Internet access was annoyingly slow so I thought of recycling my ADSL connection. Out of habit I opened up and was presented with a weird IP.

The top text with black background is the actual IP my router was assigned with (

And then I recycled my ADSL connection. The new IP was However when I opened the site above again it still shows me the same IP. There is something fishy about this.

I tried ProxyWay and here’s what I got:

And here’s from CheckIP:

The two sites that gave me the correct and matching IP are IPChicken and IP-adress:

What the hell is wrong? Since TMNET has the reputation of doing stupid things right now I am thinking that they are testing some kind of HTTP bypassing. This is because the other traffic that I tested was not affected (e.g. SSH and FTP) and I see my “real” IP fine.

Anyone else is experiencing this twilight-zone scenario?


7 thoughts on “Weird IP Mismatch on TMNET Network”

  1. Aku pun berhadapan masalah yg same. Sekang hampir setiap hari aku recycle balik ADSL connection aku. Super duper slow. Download Naruto yang seeders ngan leeches beribu pun makan mase 2 hari.

    Streamyx is getting worse and worse. Ripping peoples money.

  2. bro….i’m facing the same problem as well…i thought that the website was wrong. but now it seems like it’s the other way around.

    hey…can’t access now…i’m using instead…and here’s my ip result

  3. checked with IGoogle….giving me the same result…though i’m getting IP started with 60 on my modem, but in IGoogle it shows me IP started with 58 with no proxy!!!

    what in the f*ck is going on???

  4. Exactly. Even when I receive your comments I see the weird IP:

    New comment on your post #1107 “Weird IP Mismatch on TMNET Network”
    Author : dirn (IP: ,

    I smell fish.

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