PHP Framework Benchmark

In April I wrote about Eclipse PDT, Zend Framework, PHPUnit.

AVNet Labs have executed a comprehensive benchmark against popular PHP Frameworks.

It looks like they are also using Zend Framework for their development. I’ll stay with Zend as well, because I believe in vendor-product compatibility. I will not ask for support from Adobe if I have a problem with Microsoft Visual Studio, so it’s the same concept here.

Zend is The PHP Company.

Thanks to Rizal for the heads up.


3 thoughts on “PHP Framework Benchmark”

  1. You’re welcome. Yeah, I would stick with the Zend Framework too. Why? Brand name. In the world of PHP, Zend = Toyota. CodeIgniter = Hyundai, ha ha. Equally capable in most respects, but the power of the brand is something that can never be underestimated. Just ask Seth Godin.

  2. Zend = Hughe camper truck, codeigniter = smart.

    Easy to use, always a place to parc and u can add more on a highway after each other.

    Totally useless and be aware although the benchmark looks promising, try the difference in memory utilisation.

    Brand isnt always the thing, what is your goal and wich framework will fill that in 🙂

  3. I can’t disagree with you, and thanks for the opinion. In term of size Zend is huge but I am too lazy to learn another framework if any project dies.

    I stick with Zend because they are the most unlikely project that will die as long as people still uses PHP 😉

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