Online (Residential) Communities

While ‘running’ around the net, I found two online residential communities close to my area. The first one closest to me is the Puncak Jalil Online Community. This is an example of a great effort to utilize IT resources for good use. Another one is Lestari Putra Online Community. I remembered seeing such sites being brought up a couple of years ago (for other townships) but eventually died. No idea why.

The Puncak Jalil Online Community seems a lot more established that the Lestari Putra Online Community. Patrick has done a very good job. I have also created accounts for both sites to support them. The creator of Lestari Putra Online Community needs to come out to the front and put his name, as people don’t like anonymity in such sites. The forum for Lestari Putra Online Community is also quite deserted compared to Puncak Jalil Online Community. I’ll try to crowd up the place soon.

Thumbs up to both sites! 


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  1. Wow, Thank you! I am happy people are using the website and are happy with it. When I visited Taman Puncak Jalil the first time i was sad there was nothing but a big piece of land and noone to talk about the progress and the quality of our homes. So i decided the step forward and create this website for the community. Every week we see about 5 to 10 new users signing up, and have almost 500 registered users at our forum. Nice messages like this i why i do it!

    Thumbs up for your blog !

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