3G Data Card

I am so frustrated by 3G providers, Malaysian and abroad. I have a Merlin U530 from Novatel Wireless with me now (not mine), and tried to use it for Maxis. Of course, it wouldn’t work as the card was bought in Hong Kong. The provider is Hong Kong Three :-(.

The problem is the data card is LOCKED by the provider. I heard that the Huawei‘s E600 data card is also locked by Celcom. I don’t have to guess that Maxis locked their version of the Merlin U530.

What happened to this world? Can’t anything be open anymore… *sigh*.

And people actually pay more than a thousand Ringgit to BUY such data card! If it’s rented, I can understand. But in this case, people OWN the card.

Huawei E600:

Merlin U530:

Maxis 3G connect:

Everybody wants to add their logo to the card, and lock them up. The one with me have the Three logo on it to indicate that this is provided by Three:

I’ll get my own 3G data card when providers decide not to lock them. When, you ask. I don’t know. 😉