Internet Marketing Goes Wild

Technology is a huge keyword in the world we live in today. More and more types of businesses are going online for promoting their products and services.

For example nowadays, businesses that we thought would never go online has already made attempts to have websites and online promotions, or as we usually say it “Internet presence”. For example, specializes in Malaysian wedding items – something traditional that we have never imagined would be possible online. I’ve contacted the business owner and found that there are actually a lot of businesses coming through from the web!

With all these interests in having Internet presence, new opportunities are also blooming for web design and development companies that provides services for website building. Even myself is having some contractual projects for building websites for all kinds of businesses.

Moreover, some companies or site has introduced specialized services for certain types of businesses to have Internet presence. One good example would be this site called Surgeon Advisor which is targeted for plastic surgeons to market their services in the Internet. Simply termed, I call it Internet marketing for doctors.

Does your business have Internet presence yet?