The Correct Way To SPAM

Some of us might say that there’s no right way to send spams. I partially agree especially the spams contains useless information but I do sometimes receive spams that contains interesting things and products.

Spambots is a no no. But living in Malaysia I receive quite a number of people sending emails promoting their valid services and products. I don’t like it but if you can’t stop it you have to live with it.

Some rules that is acceptable under my own considerations are:

Rule 1: anti virus

Use anti virus in your computer where you send the emails from.

Rule 2: recipients

NEVER put recipients email addresses inside the To: field. Instead, use the Bcc: field. This way, the recipient will still receive your email and know who is it from. Why? This is because 100% of the times, your recipient are not related to each other. You have no rights to reveal other people’s email addresses to the public. This also increases the chances of email viruses to propagate and send emails to thousands of people. You can control your PC but not the recipient’s.

Let’s say you send an email to user A, B, and C by putting them in the To: field, and user B is a nest of virus. The viruses in user B’s PC will be able to see user A and C email addresses and propagate themselves. This will not happen if you send using Bcc: field, where user B’s PC will only be able to see your email address and sends viruses to you. Hey, that’s the risk you have to take. You can always send an email with the From: address is not yours or make up any address but I am not going to teach that here.

Rule 3: sender

Always use your real name as sender. Use something like “special promotion” or “tawaran hebat” will definitely make sure your email end up in Junk boxes.

Rule 4: subject

Don’t use weird character like the underscore (_), quotes, or even to the extreme: normal brackets. Spams usually will try to avoid spam filters by masking words. For example a spam promoting weight loss products use the word “we_ight“. This no longer works as spam filters have been made to detect these kinds of things.

So people, if you send emails using the general rules above I am more than willing to have a peek before deleting the emails.

Be safe.