HP Jobs Marched Offshore

Another news of big corporations juggling people around. I don’t think that anyone can do anything about it, but nevertheless it’s kind of a sad thing especially for the employees. Being laid off is not as simple as it sounds, even though if you have been kept in the loop.

It’s people lives we are talking about here.

HEWLETT-PACKARD will axe 200 jobs and move the work to Kuala Lumpur as part of a cost-cutting exercise at its computer support division.

Fifty workers left HP’s managed services business – which provides telephone computer support for big companies like Norwich Union and Pacific Brands – last week, and a further 80 staff will be laid off in November. Seventy contractors will be kept on until March.

The cuts affect offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

Read more about it here: http://australianit.news.com.au/articles/…

Hey, this news above should be good for me as I am in Malaysia, but I am seeing it from the point of view of an employee.