Bye Michael Lai, Hello Zainab Hashim

Zainab Hashim? Who’s that? That’s the new TMNET CEO. Well, acting CEO.

Telekom Malaysia Bhd said in a statement that the company was in the process of looking for a suitable successor as the present CEO, Michael Lai would be leaving his current position to pursue an external career opportunity.

Zainab, who has been with TM Net since 2001, would serve in the acting capacity during the transitional period, the statement said.

She has been with Telekom Malaysia for the last 28 years serving in various capacity and her experience covers a broad spectrum of telecommunications and multimedia business.

Oh my oh my… only one thing comes to mind when a company CEO quits… (use your imagination). I do not need to comment.

As for Zainab, good luck. I really hope that she will be able to solve TMNET woes. Really. Not the other way round.

… as reported by Bernama.


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