TMNET Rebate

Usually, people will not appreciate the good things being done. They will only rant and shout when things go bad.

I don’t like that so I want to post an update of the TMNET case.

I finally received a rebate, and my latest bill dated 05 Feb 2005 shows only RM33.50. That’s a total rebate of RM54.50.

I don’t really care how they calculated the rebate, nor I am totally satisfied by this. But at least, I pay less money to TMNET. The time and money I lost while my Internet connection was down during December 2005 was irreplacable.

I would like to express my gratitudes to Ms Maya from TM Point Taipan for her willingness and efforts to help me get a rebate. At least, one true customer oriented staff in TM who is willing to go the extra mile for a dissatisfied customer. Who’s next?

Added 1 Mar 2006:

Also, CFM (Consumer’s Forum of Malaysia) took this case seriously. They contacted TMNET and myself multiple of times to settle the issue. Kudos to CFM, and many thanks!