Turn Off Your Scooter Engine

A few days ago I received a video via email where a little girl was left on a scooter by the father. She accidentally turned the throttle and the scooter shot forward. I found the same video in YouTube:

I really feel sorry for the little girl. It must’ve hurt like hell and she must be traumatized. So if you ever take your children on a scooter remember not to left them alone, and it is better if you turn off the engine and remove the key. She was lucky the scooter did not end up on top of her. The video is not funny at all.

On a side note, please always use helmets! As you can see in the video they don’t have any helmets with/on them.

I promised myself that I will never bring my kid on a motorcycle, with or without helmets.


One thought on “Turn Off Your Scooter Engine”

  1. Oh my goodness! Thats really scary! She went really quite a distance before it fell on its own. Even though I have a scooter, I really wouldnt want to put my kid in such a situation like that! Neither would I let her ride in the first place!

    I hope she’s okay. Poor little girl

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