Casino Royale

As mentioned earlier I went to watch Casino Royale earlier tonight. The movie is alright, but can be better.

What I like:

  • The starting montage is indeed suitable and gives me the feel that this is a Bond movie.
  • Bond’s weakness is as usual – women.
  • No SPECTRE – frankly I’m tired of that shit, plus Blofeld.

What I don’t like:

  • The theme song is less catchy than the previous movies.
  • The fights are too barbaric and too real.
  • Bond is too serious, emotionless most of the times except when he was with Vesper in the shower.
  • The crook was killed to easily, and not by Bond.
  • Where’s Q?
  • Where’s the fully equiped Aston Martin?

My wife seems to think that I watch too much of the older movies and she actually enjoyed the new one more.

I’ll add up the list if I find anything else I left out. 😉