Rambo 4: Bloody Movie

After getting some art supplies in One Utama yesterday, we decided to watch a movie. Since Rambo 4 is now showing, we decided to take a look especially because the last Rambo movie were released about 20 years ago.

As a child, I’ve watched all of the Rambo movies and liked each of them. They always depict a tactical and strategical soldier who has been trained to be a deadly weapon in the jungle. As far as my brain can recall, I always remember Rambo were always involved in Asia wars or conflict (in contrary to high tech wars between all the developed countries).

Rambo 4Rambo 4… not to say that I don’t like it but I feel that the technological advancement in the film industry has actually influenced this movie a lot. All the gory details are included, as the film maker tries to enhance the dramatic effect of high powered weapons.

Human flesh are splattered everywhere, people are cut in half, blown by mines, limbs cut using machetes, heads blown by handguns (and sniper gun). The cruelty depicted is real, and is necessary to make viewers understand the real situation in Myanmar at that time. However when high powered weapons are involved (.50 caliber truck mounted guns, the sniper gun) you’ll see body parts flying around and a lot of red colors used!

When I saw what the army is doing to the people I wondered, “what’s wrong with this army????”. But when I saw Rambo shoot the driver of the truck with the .50 cal gun until he became a hamburger I can’t help it to wonder, “what’s wrong with Rambo???”. In this movie he is a mindless soldier who I guess is effected by all the battles he have been in the past.

All in all – it’s a good movie to unwind yourself, and not to have to think so much. It lacks a proper plot but the action is there. However if I am a parent, I would be extra careful not to let any copy of this movie (in form of CD/DVD/downloaded) falls into my child’s hands. It’s simply too shocking and violent!