4.0Mbps Streamyx?

I was browsing through some blogs when I found myself on this particular post in doBot’s blog. Here’s the official announcement.

Familiar Malaysian forums have been discussing this for a while, and as usual I’m left behind again. Some of them mentioned that the 4Mbps is nothing if TMNet still decides to limit/throttle traffic especially for P2P users. I’m actually neutral in this P2P throttling issue, even though I am a heavy bittorrent user. Why? Well actually the number of broadband users in Malaysia is not that high, and most concentrated only among savvy Internet users. If most of these users are using P2P daily and TMNet does no policing act on it, the whole Streamyx infrastructure will most probably overload. This, is not deniable due to the incompetency of TMNet but IMHO every company deserves a chance to improve themselves, provided that they are trying to improve.

As I read everywhere in the media, TMNet is heading a committee for the second submarine link (I don’t remember the project name). That is indeed very good if it can provide us a secondary pipe and a fail-over mechanism. I have no idea but I am really hoping that this will widen our International link in a massive scale.

On the introduction of the 4Mbps link, I think it is to soon if no International link upgrade has been done. If anyone from TMNet can enlighten me that would be great, as I have no idea of what is going on in there that they actually decided to offer the 4Mbps package.

The price of RM268 is indeed quite high, but it is very reasonable IF AND ONLY IF there would be a huge improvement to speed and reliability. I know users in some other countries pay a lot more for broadband, and of course some pay less. It’s really just business and you can’t really do much about it. I’d pay RM268 if the service is good and reliable, with superb customer support. I guess I’ll just wait and see before running to the nearest TM Point.

If you want to be the first to test this service, go quick as they are offering RM198 before 17 June 2007. I need your feedback on the service before deciding. Oh yes, check the availability/coverage in your area first before even thinking about it. And of course, you have to be with 3km or less from the exchange 😉

I wonder how they would consider/calculate a package upgrade?

What do you think… would you go for this package?


6 thoughts on “4.0Mbps Streamyx?”

  1. I just wondering, why u could be neutral if you are heavy torrent user? What is your normal speed when you download torrent file especially outside torrent.

    As your last question, do i consider to subscribe this package??? You know my answer rite? :), heheheh…absolutely, NO. This is because, 1Mbps is fast enough when I just surfing website.

  2. doBot: That’s simple. I can be neutral as I am a technical guy and I know how the network works layer by layer. As a sysadmin myself, I can understand why bittorrent or any kind of P2P needs to be controlled even in my own network. When the network is swamped with 2P2 traffic, other (paying) users will complaint and speed is a very abstract thing – if you are maintaining a network it’s pure headache. More often, bittorrent is used for downloading entertainment materials and the priority should always be given to more serious purposes. For example, when I am trying to connect to VPN at work it used to be hell. Nowadays with 2P2 filtering it’s smooth.

    Of course, I would be very happy if my bittorrent downloads go faster but there are more important things to do in the Internet. The Internet is merely a big network, and as any network it has limitations.

    Nevertheless, there are ways to workaround the traffic limitations imposed by TMNet. My normal bittorrent traffic usually goes around 10kbytes/s only. When I use certain SOCKS proxy I get around 80 to 90kbytes/s. But that’s only when I need something fast.

    Of course, this post is based on your post remember? I know your answer already 🙂

    Anyway, thanks for stopping by!

  3. Hehehehe, no wonder your can be neutral and patience when it come to Tmnet. As a sysdamin, you know how this system work very much. It just like when people ask me, why we need to vaccinate the cat??? Vaccination can prevent disease, but it quite expensive. So, they don’t vaccinate their cat.

    I and you know how this situation is critical, but people always keep complain, just to satisfy them self. Hehehe…(it’s just my 2 cent about this different subject but same situation)

  4. doBot: Indeed, I agree with you. I am glad you understand and can also provide a good example in your area. BTW off topic – do you know of any hamster experts in Malaysia?

  5. just signed up for the 4mbps streamyx this morning. Cross finger its good… hope the latency is better than the first. Playing World of Warcraft.. my latency sometimes hit 8k ms. My character died b4 I know what was going on…

  6. @KHWONG: Oh.. that sounds not so good. Is it an annual contract or there’s a possibility to get it downgraded if you are not satisfied? Although I am guessing… annual contract?

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