WordPress 2.5.1

I was really reluctant to upgrade my WordPress version because I have so many custom plugins to create many widgets. I was just afraid that they might break and I have to spend a lot of time to repair them. My colleague Shahrulazlan has been trying to get me to upgrade my installation for a while now

However today after a few hours of learning Linux HA I need some WordPress to ease my mind.

Upgrading this blog on my development copy is a breeze. I have to admit I had to upload 3 times because of some MAC encoding problems. For some reason after checking in the files to subversion and doing an export, the files are all encoded in MAC encoding. And the result was catastrophic.

The final result is beautiful. I really love the new UI and features such as permalink editing while in write mode, and version checking for plugins. I have yet to test the auto-update feature, though.

No regrets. If you are still using 2.2 or 2.3 series do consider an upgrade. You’re missing a lot.

This upgrade also provide an opportunity for me to test my plugins. I am happy to announce that they both work well on 2.5.1.


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