WordPress 2.3 Plugin Compatibility

As everyone might have realized by now, WordPress 2.3 has been released. WordPress 2.3 contains many improvements mentioned in the release page, and one of the most critical change is to the database structure where several database has been removed and added. Relations are all different now, so plugin authors: check your plugins!

What I like is the Plugins/Plugin Compatibility/2.3 page in WordPress Codex. The list is by no means complete, but it’s a good start for you to see if the plugins you are using are effected by changes in 2.3.

My two plugins (Random Posts Widget and Collapsible Archive Widget) were also affected by the change, since I couldn’t find the suitable WordPress function to use for some of the things I needed to do. However I’ve fixed them to be compatible with 2.3 while maintaining backward compatibility to the 2.2.x series.

Please be careful when you download a plugin next time, and see the “Requires WordPress Version” and “Compatible up to” fields.

As for me, since I use a lot of custom plugins and also homemade ones, I’ll need to find the right time to upgrade 😉


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  1. Ashrufzz: You mean everywhere on the page? Coz it’s supposed to check the HTTP_REFERER. What browser did you use and do you have any special settings on the browser or using any proxies that strips off HTTP_REFERER?

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