Welcome Firefox 3; Good Bye Google Browser Sync

Following from Firefox 3 download day yesterday, I was eager to try out the new, all-improved Firefox 3. As a matter of fact, I am writing this post in Firefox 3.

There is certainly a significant improvement in speed and responsiveness, and the overall feel have changed. It’s a lot more elegant now.

However it’s sad to learn that Google will no longer update its Google Browser Sync service to support Firefox 3.

I’ve now migrated to Foxmarks. So far it works very well. One thing I shall miss is the password sync option which I use for low risk sites such as private torrent trackers.

Other add-ons that are available for upgrade includes Firebug, Alexa Sparky, Google Notebook, Google Toolbar and of course, Foxmarks 🙂

Anyway, bravo to Firefox for a job well done.