Useful WordPress Plugin: WordPress Suicide

WordPress Suicide is a useful plugin, particularly if you are running tests on your freshly installed WordPress.

Also, if you are trying to import your posts and comments from the New Blogger this could prove useful – if you are unlucky to have problems during your import. Some people succeed the first time, but some do have problems.

As for the importer, I am trying to find time to update it to include features that were requested by users. Currently I can only fix important bugs, if found. It’s currently in version 0.5.

If I had found this plugin earlier I would have recommended it too.


6 thoughts on “Useful WordPress Plugin: WordPress Suicide”

  1. Ady, I am doing some experimentation and used your Blogger import script to pull a blog into WordPress. Then, I used WordPress Suicide to wipe the databases and tried to run your script again. It failed, saying, “You have an error in your SQL syntax.”

    With a totally new database, the script again worked fine.

    Since you are recommending that people use WP Suicide and your script together, I thought you’d like to know they might not actually work in tandem.

  2. Hello David thanks for your feedback. I shall try and see what happened, maybe tonight after work.

    Other readers, please take note of David’s point. Maybe Suicide does not clear up everything after all. Well spotted.

  3. I put the plug-in into my WordPress plug-ins folder on my server, but WordPress does not recognize it. I am running WordPress 2.1.2.

    Any idea what I’m doing wrong?


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