OCRopus and Tesseract Binaries

After I wrote about Ocropus and Tesseract in July, I received 4 requests for the binaries. Two requested using the comments and two requested via email.

The truth is that it ain’t easy to upload files that big because my upload speed is 1/4 of my download speed. It’s worst today (see the previous post).

However since I promised to upload them here they are, uploaded in rapidshare. I am avoiding to use my hosting bandwidth just in case these become too popular.

Tesseract binaries e7c90901a896eb44ffb500d4e8831bdf
Ocropus binaries c46466b7626436d797425f09e5b2fc7f

To install Tesseract you only need the normal make installed:

$ tar xfvz tesseract-2.01-compiled.tar.gz
$ cd tesseract-2.01
$ make install

To install Ocropus you would need Jam. Download and install it.

After jam has been installed:

$ tar xfvz ocropus-0.2-compiled.tar.gz
$ cd ocropus-0.2
$ jam install

Please take note that this is an old version of Ocropus (0.2) there is a new version available (0.3.1). The same goes for Tesseract (2.01 compared to 2.03). I simply have no time to work on the new version and I am not going to use it for my OCR related personal project.

And oh yes… please remember that since these were compiled under Cygwin you will definitely need to run them with Cygwin DLL due to dynamic linking.

I don’t have any guarantee or support whatsoever for the files, and you are using them at your own risk. These are NOT official builds.



3 thoughts on “OCRopus and Tesseract Binaries”

    1. Those are compiled files and there’s no need to recompile them. A “jam install” would do… unless your libraries are not compatible so the linker decided to link again. I can’t provide any support for this, sorry. As I said there are newer versions and I saw that they eliminated the need for JAM. Perhaps you can try that. Good luck!

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