I received a forwarded Yahoo! message just now:

“Maybank telah mengenakan cas RM0.50 melalui Internet banking bagi setaip penghantaran wang (transfer fund) walhal sebelum ni dia orang tak cas.. mana bleh cam ni.. ini kemungkinan besar pihak dia orang nak kaut keuntungan berlebihan.. nampaknya maybank dah mula menekan customer… forward kat kawan-kawan.. kita hantar memorandum macam dulu..

Translation: “Maybank is charging RM0.50 for transfers via the Internet Banking channel. They didn’t charge before. How can they do this? Most probably they want to get extra revenues… Maybank is starting to press customers… let’s send a memorandum like before…”

I’m not sure whether this claim is true and am too lazy to go check at Maybank2u site. Well, I’m a customer as well and of course I wouldn’t like for prices to be increased or new charges introduced into the system. But thinking of the convenience they have offered, RM0.50 per transfer is little. Unless you live next to a Maybank branch, or you go to the bank riding a bicycle, it will cost you far more than RM0.50 for fuel (plus parking where applicable). Even if you ride a bicycle, your energy would be used.

I won’t complain unless Maybank starts to charge by percentage or more than RM1.00 per transaction. Customer service sucks anyway in most Malaysian institutions, so having to use your PC to do banking is actually a blessing. 😉

Banks are businesses, they look for ways to make more money. Can we blame them?


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  1. Hi,

    It’s not from an article, I received the message from Yahoo! Messenger. You know, when somebody use “Send to all in Group”… Last night I tried to look in Maybank2u but didn’t find anything about this. Please, let me know if you find anything.


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