Bye Bye Old Friend

I have to part with my dear old friend today. It has been around since the year 2000, and we had a lot of very good memories together. It’s a 8x4x32 CD writer priced at more than RM800.00 that time, but I managed to get it for RM550.00 (brand new) from my friend. It was a long time ago, and nowadays CD writers cost merely RM100+

This HP 9100 CD Writer doesn’t have any buffer underrun protection, but it has served me well. I have to get rid of it since it is no longer working and taking up too much space in my computer room, which by the way is a junk yard and morgue for computer equipment 😉

It has burnt more than 1000 CDs if I recall correctly, as me and my wife (my girlfriend back then) had a CD Burning business. No, not 100% pirated contents, more like burning what people own (assignments, anime) since at that time CD writers was still too expensive (and anime is very hard to get!). For a CD media costing us RM0.70~RM0.90, we charged RM3.00. HEY it’s not easy to burn things, especially one mistake you lose the CD!!! So a lot of work was involved, copying the files and waiting it to burn at a very slow speed.

Oh well, thanks a lot my friend.

HP 9100 CD Writer