Don’t Play With Firecrackers

Every Raya, there will be boom, bangs everywhere. I know that have been a tradition, but is it really necessary? Furthermore, it’s not even a Malay tradition.

I can understand when Chinese lights up firecrackers, it’s their tradition since forever. It’s their belief. It’s their culture. In fact, I rarely see any Chinese lighting up firecrackers during nonsense hours and at 10.00pm when people are trying to sleep. Rarely. What I usually see is during Chinese New Year they have an event, invites lion dance groups, and light up long chains of firecrackers. That was fun especially it was always done during the day.

I was really pissed off last night when a Malay neighbour started firing up firecrackers, one by one and throwing them on the road in front of his house. This is because as you see today I have to work.

Don’t play with firecrackers or worst create homemade firecrackers. If you do, there’s a possibility you’ll end up like this or this or this.

The last news above – I saw this the news once during the early of Ramadhan that there was a case where a neighbour was killed by another angry neighbour because he played firecrackers. TV3 naughtily said “there’s a reason why the Government doesn’t allow you to play firecrackers”. 😉

Kedah state has organized anti-firecracker squads, but I wonder they succeeded in preventing people from playing firecrackers.

Be considerate. Be safe. Firecrackers can cause (1) deafness (2) blindness (3) burn injuries, (4) and a fire hazard to other people as well. If you want to burn down your bungalow it’s fine, but please consider other people if you live in linked houses (where walls are shared).

Last but not least:

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri
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