Bye, Advertlets

Advertlets is not working for me, so I am dropping it this weekend. This does not mean that you shouldn’t try it out, go ahead it might just work for you. For me the most revenue I am receiving from this blog is through AdSense and Kontera.

Someone from Advertlets did make a comment on my last post about this, but I never received any feedback after that.


3 thoughts on “Bye, Advertlets”

  1. Hi Ady!

    Read your post…glad to see we’re still on the page though 🙂 However, we are running new campaigns now (just launched yesterday), and we have new review opportunities as well. Please contact me directly for more details. We are also announcing two new advertisers and new campaigns over the next 7 days.

    Give us a week more – I’m pretty sure we can make it work for you. Cheers!

  2. @Josh: Actually I was not complaining – there’s nothing wrong with Advertlets except that there’s no specific click stats. This lead to my assumption that visitors don’t click on Advertlets ads in my blog. I can’t compare between clicks and payments. Others reported hundreds of RM and the figure is simply disappointing. 😉

    Anyway Josh, thanks for your visit and do keep up the good work. Others are depending on Advertlets!

  3. Hi, well to me I think Advertlets makes a little money for me in my blog, but kinda slow. I am near payout rate. Since I am a student, I might use that money to buy me a hosting then only focus on other money making source.

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