Pull Down Ladder @ Fold Ladder @ Attic Ladder

I have recently purchased a new house, and while waiting for it to complete next year I am looking around for best deals for home renovation and decoration.

For the first phase I am going to emphasize on safety and things that needs to be done before the house is occupied. Plaster ceiling, wooden skirting for the walls, paints (and colors) for the walls, and also an open attic since the top floor has a considerably high ceiling.

For the open attic, I am looking for samples of pull down ladder to be installed. It serves 2 purposes: to have a tidy area and to prevent the little one coming out in December from climbing it. I can’t seem to find online catalogs that offer products in Malaysia. Well, to be fair even Home Depot does not have it in the online catalog.

I found a nice picture from Wikipedia, only that the ladder is too simple and aesthetically not so nice.

Anyone knows of a website or shop that I can visit?


2 thoughts on “Pull Down Ladder @ Fold Ladder @ Attic Ladder”

  1. IMHO, let the ceiling be – don’t build that attic. The height of the ceiling makes a lot of difference in terms of ambient temperature especially at the top floor. You’re fortunate enough to have a high ceiling by default.

    If I had the money I would strengthen the roof of my house by adding extra wooden pillars and beams. Developers tend to skimp on these.

  2. Well, it’s not really an attic. More like a huge open shelf that is attached to one side of the wall and strong enough for people to walk on. We have so many art supplies, books, and not to mention IT equipments we have to find a place to keep them all.

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